The FAQ section is a collection of questions asked most by people that decided to work with us. If you’re asking the same questions, you’re in good company!

What if my dog isn’t well behaved?

There are a few different ways we can approach this, and it all depends on how you would like to approach it. Sometimes parents think their pup isn’t well behaved when they’re really just full of energy. We can just focus on hiking at first to burn off some of that energy and have the pup calm down a bit. Sometimes a pup just needs to get comfortable with their new environment, so it’s good to hike and learn some of the smells. If your pup doesn’t do well with other dogs or is leash-reactive, we can focus on locations and trails that aren’t as busy or are less well-known. Part of the booking process is to learn about your pup and make the most of the experience, so please don’t let your pup’s behavior discourage you from going on an adventure!

What about leashes?

Off-leash pups make for the best models because they aren’t as limited in their movements and provide for a greater diversity of shots with different ranges (depth of field), but that doesn’t mean a dog that remains on a leash can’t be a great model too! Adventure Pup situates dogs and their parents to minimize the impact of a leash on an image and is also able to use photo editing to remove leashes from images entirely. We do ask that you come prepared with a standard flat collar and a 6-foot leash. Harnesses can be worn for the hike, but for photos we’ll want to shed the harness and rely on the collar for control. If a harness is a necessity, though, we will make every effort to remove all traces of the harness and leashes, as well as taking the time to remove tags if desired. What we’re looking for overall, though, is for your pup to be comfortable and to be themselves.

What should I expect?

You can always expect to have a great time watching your pup become an official Adventure Pup! There are essentially two types of shots we try to capture – candid and posed. The ‘Hero’ shots are typically posed in order to capture a particular setting or backdrop. ‘Action’ shots are those candid shots of your pup hiking and playing. We can use props like balls and sticks, or can just rely on them doing what they do best – being an adventure pup!

Since Adventure Pup Photography specializes in natural settings and natural lighting, sessions are best scheduled at sunrise or sunset times since they provide the best lighting. However, any other time of the day works for instances like longer hikes or just a time that’s more convenient for you. Adventure Pup Photography is set up to capture shots at any time of the day, but our preference is to take advantage of the best natural lighting so we can capture your pup at their best.

What’s my role?

Your role as the fur parent is important! While Adventure Pup Photography is able to make sure your pup has a good time, you as the parent know them best. Your insight on their behavior, as well as your assistance with posing them, is the reason all of this is possible. That means you can be the official ball squeaker to capture your pup’s attention or hold them in a sit to ensure we get a great hero shot. We’ll also make sure we have an opportunity to take a family shot if you’d like!

What should I wear?

There are two ways to go about it, but ideally, you’re ready to go on an adventure and are dressed appropriately for it. That means appropriate footwear and layers as the weather and conditions dictate. Hiking boots are pretty important for traction and support, as well as protection from water and mud when present. A light or wind-breaking jacket is pretty important as well when in higher elevations or exposed areas like mountain tops. Rain jackets or ponchos are a good item to have handy for those rogue showers that sometimes make an appearance in the afternoon. However, if you want to be part of the photoshoot, dress in what you want to have reflected in your pictures. Location and hike length/condition will be a major factor in determining what you wear.

How to book

Fill out our booking form, or contact Adventure Pup Photography via phone, email, Facebook, Instagram, or Contact form when you’re ready for your pup to become an Adventure Pup. We will discuss your ideas and determine a session that works best for you and your dog, then choose a time and place for your adventure if you believe Adventure Pup Photography works best for you. Half of your session fee will be due upon booking as a deposit to reserve your spot, with the other half due the day of the shoot.

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