The Adventure Pup Photography experience is like no other! As an on-location photography outfit, every dog and pet photography session is unique in its own way and we will work together to make your vision into reality.

About Our Services

Adventure Pup Photography is for people and pups who:

  • want something different and interesting
  • love to hike and go on adventures
  • are non-hikers but still would love to have a gorgeous scenic portrait
  • don’t want a boring studio session
  • might not know what they’re looking for and could use some ideas
  • are new to the professional photography process
  • want the best possible keepsake of their pup

We’re a different kind of dog photographer. You will find a lot of photographers out there, but they are all pretty much the same, and none will match the cost, quality, and experience at the photoshoot that Adventure Pup Photography provides.

Adventure Pup Photography is not for people and pups who:

  • want a boring blurred background like everybody else has
  • are ok with “good enough” dog portraits
  • sacrifice quality to save money

We invest a lot of time and energy to get the best results — researching and going to shooting locations, capturing the best composition during the shoot, and making final edits to make your dog portraits really shine. We don’t capture portraits for the sake of you getting digital files – we capture stunning portraits that can be printed and proudly displayed in your home. If you want a pet portrait that looks like everyone else’s, then Adventure Pup Photography is not right for you.

If everything above resonates with you, then here’s the best news:

Every kind of pup is welcome!

We have experience working with dogs of all types: high-energy, calm, puppies, seniors, the curious, and the not-so-well-behaved.

The one thing they all have in common: they’re all Adventure Pups!

If your pup already knows how to pose at a distance, or must be kept on a leash to keep them from running off, we guarantee we’ll capture the best moments possible. Leash removal is easily done in the editing process, so nobody should feel that their pup isn’t fit for photos!

The Adventure Pup Experience

The adventure process is very easy and follows three steps: Consultation and Booking, Adventure, and Presentation. If you ever have questions or concerns along the way, feel free to contact us and we’ll make sure you have all the information you need to completely understand the process and make informed decisions.

1. Client Education and Reserving a Date

The first time we meet will be a consultation that describes the entire process, which is appropriately called “Client Education.” This is where we discuss the entirety of the process so you know what to expect. This consultation covers everything: how you intend to display your art, why we choose certain times for a photoshoot, what happens before, during, and after the photoshoot, and the presentation of the final work and ordering your prints. We want to make sure you understand the full process so you’re comfortable in making a decision to work with us.

At the end of the consultation will be the time to discuss reserving a date for the photoshoot. There are two questions you’ll need to answer at this time – when do you want to do it, and where do you want to go? Each session is customized to fit the needs of you and your pup, so these questions will be the first step in a successful photoshoot.

The ‘When’ – pretty straight-forward – when is a good time for you? Shooting during a sunset or sunrise will always provide the best natural lighting, but if those times don’t work well for you we can always do something in the middle of the day where you’re available. People typically book on the weekends when there’s time to do some hiking or go out to a further location, but summer hours make weekdays possible since it remains lighter out for a longer time. Each time set will consider the lighting based on the time of year and the time needed to hike and enjoy the experience overall.

The ‘Where’ – what kind of a backdrop are you looking for, and how far out are you willing to drive to capture it? While people typically tend to stay within an hour or so of the Denver metro, we can always go as far out as needed to capture a particular shot or background you’re looking for (a fee will be charged for some of the additional mileage, see details below). If you don’t have a particular place in mind, think about what kind of elements you’d like in the background – mountain peaks? Lakes or waterfalls? Wildflowers? Colorado has awesome locations all over the state, so we can find somewhere that will fit your vision.

Contact Adventure Pup Photography when you’re ready and we will discuss your ideas and determine a session that works best for you and your pup. A $299 reservation retainer will be due at booking to reserve your photoshoot date. The full reservation retainer becomes a product credit to be used towards the purchase of prints, artwork, or digital files of your choice.

2. Adventure Time!

Time for the adventure session! We will meet at the agreed-upon place and time and go on an adventure. Depending on your pups personality and energy level, we might hike for a while at first to capture action shots and eventually settle into posed portraits, or we may just go straight to the locations that will yield those epic profile portraits. There is no set duration for the photoshoot, but the lighting will always be a key part of determining how long we shoot. Hiking in the dark after a photoshoot is no problem with headlamps, but taking shots in the dark doesn’t make for great photos.

3. Presenting and Selecting Your Artwork

About a week after your session we will review the initial shots. This can be done in-person, over the phone, or via video/email. During this time we will review images and discuss product options that suit your needs. We can talk about large art prints and photo collections for your wall, photo albums for your coffee table, or other products like acrylic blocks and gift boxes. Whatever it is that you purchase, we will assist in finding the right product for you. Your $299 reservation retainer will serve as a credit towards your final order. An average photo investment ranges from $800 – $1200. Depending on the products ordered, it may take a week or more to receive your final product.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Adventure Pup Photography provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results of your photoshoot, we’ll fully refund your reservation retainer/product credit.

Service Discounts

Adventure Pup Photography understands that some circumstances deserve a little more attention, and we want to celebrate the spirit of these special pups. Discounts on total product sales are available for the following special cases:

  • Service pups – 10% discount
  • Senior pups – 15% discount
  • Terminal pups – 25% discount

Product Pricing Information

Read more about the products we offer, discount specials, and how you can get your hands on the most awe-inspiring dog portraits around!

The Adventure Pup Difference

Now that you’ve learned about our approach, you can learn about what sets Adventure Pup Photography apart from the other photographers you’ll find.

How to Book

Fill out the Booking Request form when you’re ready for your pup to become an Adventure Pup. We will discuss your ideas and determine a session that works best for you and your dog, then choose a time and place for your adventure.

The reservation retainer ($299) will be due upon booking as a deposit to reserve your spot on the calendar. After the shoot, the reservation retainer will serve as a product credit that can be applied to the purchase of our available products like prints and albums.

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