If you’re looking for a dog and pet photographer that captures the adventurous spirit of your pup with the beautiful state of Colorado as the backdrop, then look no further. Adventure Pup Photography provides the best outdoor photographs with the most epic backdrops available. There is no better dog and pet photography service around!

Are you wondering what types of photo sessions are available? Here are the descriptions for each of your options:


An Epic Adventure session is the one you want if you’re looking for those epic backdrops – sweeping vistas with mountaintops, alpine lakes, and fields of wildflowers. Colorado is the perfect state to provide many different scenic locations for you and your pup to enjoy. A way to think of these sessions is that you’re on a normal hike, but just happen to have a photographer with you. We can go to locations where the main goal is to pose and have a particular landmark in the background, or we can hit a trail and take photos along the way.

At-Home Adventure

This kind of Adventure is just as it sounds – somewhere close to your home. That means we can take photos in your yard, the community park, or somewhere in your neighborhood that doesn’t require a lot of traveling. Not every pup requires a hike to go on a great adventure, so we want to bring the adventure to them! Parks and yards still make for great locations because you can find more manicured or landscaped backdrops that have things like larger assortments of flowers or interesting sculpture pieces. Think of these as sessions where you don’t have to walk or drive more than 15 minutes to get to your destination.

Some Different Adventure?

This Adventure is one that can do pretty much anything. If there’s a deep hike that requires an overnight stay, let’s do it! Is there an event you’d like to document? Let’s hear what you got!

How to Book

Fill out our Booking form, or contact Adventure Pup Photography via phone, email, Facebook, Instagram, or Contact form when you’re ready for your pup to become an Adventure Pup. We will discuss your ideas and determine a session that works best for you and your dog, then choose a time and place for your adventure. Half of your session fee will be due upon booking as a deposit to reserve your spot, with the other half due the day of the shoot.

What to Expect

Depending on the session you select, you can always expect to have a great time watching your pup become an official Adventure Pup! There are essentially two types of shots we try to capture – candid and posed. The ‘Hero’ shots are typically posed in order to capture a particular setting or backdrop. ‘Action’ shots are those candid shots of your pup hiking and playing. We can use props like balls and sticks, or can just rely on them doing what they do best – being an adventure pup!

Sessions are best scheduled at sunrise or sunset times since they provide the best natural lighting. However, any other time of the day works for instances like longer hikes or just a time that’s more convenient for you. Adventure Pup Photography is set up to capture shots at any time of the day, but our preference is to take advantage of the best natural lighting so we can capture your pup at their best.

The location will first be open to your desired location, but if you would rather have Adventure Pup Photography make a recommendation, we’re ready for that too! Often times, fur parents will have an idea of the scenery they like, which will help determine what kinds of locations can be considered. The time of year will also play a role for certain events such as wildflower season or the changing of the aspen trees. We’re free to roam around the state and want to make sure each Adventure session is epic!

What’s Your Role?

Your role as the fur parent is important! While Adventure Pup Photography is able to make sure your pup has a good time, you as the parent know them best. Your insight on their behavior, as well as your assistance with posing them, is the reason all of this is possible. That means you can be the official ball squeaker to capture your pup’s attention or hold them in a sit to ensure we get a great hero shot. We’ll also make sure we have an opportunity to take a family shot if you’d like!

What About Leashes?

Off-leashed pups make for the best models because they aren’t as limited in their movements and provide for a greater diversity of shots with different ranges (depth of field). That doesn’t mean a dog that remains on a leash can’t be a great model! Adventure Pup is able to use photo editing to remove leashes from images. What we’re looking for overall, though, is for your pup to be comfortable and to be themselves.

Example of leash removal:

After Your Session

After your Adventure shoot, please allow up to a week for your images to be sorted, selected, an initially edited for presentation. Presentations can be done in-person, on the phone/video, or via email. From here you’ll be able to select shots you wish to purchase.

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