There are lots of different dog photographers available, and they all seem to provide the same services. What makes Adventure Pup Photography different than the others? Read on and find out for yourself!


While ‘years in business’ and an extensive list of past customers is always nice, it doesn’t make someone the best! Sometimes people can be good at “taking pictures,” but that doesn’t mean they have the talent to identify what makes for the best composition. That’s where I excel. I have the basic skills to take and edit photos, but I also have the talent to identify the best compositions and how to bring out the best of each shot. A lot of it starts with the initial setting, but part of it carries through the editing process as well.


hough Adventure Pup Photography is one of the newer kids on the block, that doesn’t mean we lack experience! I look at experience in a few different ways. Business: I have been a project manager for over a decade and know what it takes to efficiently run a business, understands the different elements to streamline a photoshoot, and can easily empathize and relate to customers. The customer experience is always the primary focus!

  • Photography: I come from a background of landscape photography, meaning I know how to frame a great shot. Understanding how different natural elements, depths, colors, and textures play into the overall composition is what elevates the final product. More than that, though, is understanding how the natural lighting will work best with your pup to really make them shine!
  • Pups: Having been a fur-parent or a fur-sibling to many dogs throughout my life, I understand that they come in all shapes and sizes, temperaments, personalities, and energy levels. Knowing the different aspects of a pup helps determine how to best work with them during a photoshoot.


Adventure Pup Photography only shoots natural settings with natural lighting, so that means there’s no “jack-of-all-trades” for photography styles. Since I don’t rely on studio space, lighting setups, or props, that means I can focus solely on your pup since I already have a mastery of natural space setup.


I’m all about going with the flow. That requires a person to be patient and knowing when you have an opportunity and when you have to wait. There will never be a rush and I’ll always work with you and your pup to ensure we’re getting the best shot. If your dog is super wiggly and not cooperating with a particular pose, we can wait it out to see if they settle in, or we can try a different method or location to capture something similar. I will never ask that you push your dog to do something, and the last thing I want is for you to get frustrated with your pup because they aren’t cooperating. I know that dogs will be dogs and I’ll work around them instead of the other way around!


I always keep the end result in mind! At the very beginning we will discuss how you intend to use the images – will it be a large wall portrait? A coffee table book? A holiday card? Maybe just social media post? Whatever the end result will be, it will be the principle that guides how we approach the shoot, what kinds of shots we capture, and what kind of product that is selected in the end. I will also work with you to ensure you end up with the perfect product that fulfills your dream!

So what do you think? Is it worth the time to set up a consultation and learn about the Adventure Pup Photography experience? Fill out our booking form and we’ll find a time that works best for us to discuss our future project!

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