About Adventure Pup Photography

Dogs are an integral part of our families. They are hiking partners, road trip warriors, feet-warming cuddlers, and even brewery patio companions. Documenting your family memories over the years should include the family pup, and Adventure Pup Photography wants to make sure you have the most inspiring photos available. Cell phone images are quick and easy, but a gallery-quality framed portrait on your wall, an album, or even a holiday card will do a better job of telling a story about your Adventure Pup. We capture moments in time that become tangible memories, giving you something to cherish forever.

We believe in evoking your pup’s adventurous spirit. They can be big or small, hyper or timid, or low-key homebodies, but pups all have the spirit of adventure. We can go up a 14er or stroll around a park, but either way, we’ll capture the spirit with an epic photo – the spirit of an Adventure Pup.

Adventure Pup Photography is not a run-of-the-mill pet photography outfit – that’s why we might not be for everyone. Where Adventure Pup Photography sets itself apart is that it is a boutique “studio” that goes anywhere in nature. But you’ll never find us in a studio – we specialize in natural setting photography. We love that big hero shot with mountain peaks in the background or in the middle of a huge field of wildflowers. We also love a good action shot running down a trail or playing in the water. Wherever it is we go, we’ll capture your pup in some epic and inspiring natural settings.

The Adventure Pup Difference

Learn about what sets Adventure Pup Photography apart from the other photographers you’ll see.

black and white husky with bright blue eyes looking to the left, with evergreens in the background

About the Photographer

Hi everyone, I’m Chris Fisher, an adventurous guy myself. I’ve lived in many parts of the country but call myself a native to the midwest. Living in Colorado has been one of the best experiences of my life because it has so many great outdoor opportunities. My family and I like to camp and hike as often as possible. Every time we go out I like to take pictures of the dogs in action as a keepsake, and it was the cumulative effort of capturing these shots that the idea of Adventure Pup Photography came into being. After the nudge and support of friends and family, I decided to make this into a venture that goes beyond a hobby – because if you’re going to do something, do something you love. Fortunately, dog photography aligns with my own personal philosophy of animal advocacy, and particularly, being dog-friendly. It also helps that I make friends with every pup I meet. Maybe that’s why I love dogs so much?

When not loving all over dogs, I’m taking pictures of landscapes and trying to be active – by way of softball, running, rollerblading and hiking. My own Adventure Pups Keke and Kylo do a good job of keeping me active. I also always working on my craft by learning more about photography and editing. I’m a huge Kansas Jayhawk and Chicago Cubs fan. You’ll always see me hiking and on a photoshoot with my Cubs hat, so if you ever see me on the trail don’t be afraid to say “Hey, it’s the Adventure Pup guy!”

What really motivates me to do what I do is knowing the joy I’ll bring to families. As a fur parent myself, I know exactly what it’s like to have really great photos of your pup and proudly display them on your walls. I believe that every parent deserves a great photo of their pup and that every pup deserves to be remembered forever with a great photo.

guy wearing a blue Cubs hat, black jacket and green pants and a backpack, with a plain and mountains in the background

I am currently a parent to two pups – Keke (Husky, 7), and Kylo (Husky, 7). We lost our original Adventure Pup and sassy gal Juneau to canine cancer in early 2019, and our not-so-adventurous and bossy Boston Terrier Ziggy in mid-2019. Juneau was 13 and Ziggy was 12. Juneau’s bout with canine cancer was my first time experiencing it, as well as being the first time I ever really lost a pet I was really close to. It’s in her memory I created the Juneau’s Rainbow Award because I really want for parents dealing with canine cancer to have the best photos to remember their pups by. It helped me with Juneau and I hope it helps you with your pup.

Keke and Kylo go on just about every hiking and camping trip – they are my inspiration to go out and be active and are the muses for my photography. It was Ziggy that reminded me that you don’t have to be an active pup to be adventurous (he loved new places and just sniffing around on our walks). All of my pups (past and present) keep me pretty well-rounded in the pupper world.

Dog family portrait of a white husky wearing an orange bandana, black and white husky with a black bandana, and a boston terrier looking to the side while wearing a green dinosaur costume
Juneau, Kylo, and Ziggy – Halloween 2018
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Kylo and Keke – September 2019

Finally, why do I do it? Because I want to share with you the same feeling I get when I capture awesome pictures of my pups. I’m sure you love your pups as much as I love mine, and you understand where I’m coming from. You deserve the best memories of your pup, and they deserve to be remembered forever with an epic portrait.

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