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Adventure Pup Photography is here to capture your pup’s adventurous spirit while they’re outdoors exploring nature. We specialize in dog and pet photography by way of hikes and walks with location options that range from city blocks and local parks to waterfalls and mountain vistas. Wherever we go to adventure, we’ll make sure it’s epic.

Based in Denver, Adventure Pup Photography proudly serves all Colorado pups.

Are you ready for your pup to become an Adventure Pup?

Home of Juneau’s Rainbow Award

Chris is a fantastic photographer who truly captured the spirit of my adventure pup Murphy. It was so nice to be able to hike and focus on my dog, knowing Chris was handling the photography. Not only did Chris get some amazing shots, he went above and beyond to make our shoot enjoyable with great conversation and excellent hiking skills! We will definitely be using him again, hopefully very soon!

Megan and Murphy
two dogs standing on a log

I can’t give Adventure Pup Photography a high enough recommendation to any dog owner who enjoys the outdoors with their best furry friend. Chris, the photographer, does an amazing job of capturing beautiful landscapes while keeping your pup the main focus of the picture.

Our two dogs are polar opposites and not always the easiest to deal with, but luckily Chris is a natural with dogs. Our older dog has some fear issues, especially when it comes to strangers, but was very relaxed around Chris during our whole hike. He even snuck in a kiss or two during our photoshoot which surprised us all. Our younger dog, on the other hand, can’t sit still and her excitement to meet strangers can seem almost aggressive. But Chris did a great job of capturing the rare moments she did stop, and as a bonus played ball with her on the trail to help wear her out. 

I think having photos of your adventures together is a timeless treasure you get to keep and I’m so thankful for the photos Adventure Pup Photography provided us with. Every dog owner should book one of these photoshoots to have these memories with their best furry friend to hang on their walls!T

Alyssa, Steven, Rex, and Peyton

'Tails' of Adventure

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